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Big Tone Music Pedal Mosfet Boost Overdrive

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Big Tone Music Pedal Mosfet Boost Overdrive

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The point of an overdrive is to emulate the sound of a tube amp being pushed to the point of distortion. There are many subtle nuances to this revered sound and we here at BTMB feel that nothing captures those subtle nuances quite as well as MOSFET technology. It not only provides a sound that is more tube‐like than any other solid state technology, but also the same feel as well. And as a player, that’s something that’s equally important. That’s why we designed this overdrive around the NOS CA3260 MOSFET OpAmp.
     Everyone’s opinion of what real tube overdrive should sound like is different. So we added a lot of flexibility to its controls. Different amps have different tone stacks. The powerful 3­‐band EQ with parametric midrange lets you voice your overdrive any way you want. Different amps have different amounts of voltage sag depending on whether they have a tube rectifier or a solid state rectifier. The blend knob is extremely useful for adjusting the compression and pick attack to your idea of what real tube amp sag should sound (and feel) like.
     Some amps have single-­ended output transformers biased in Class A that are richer in second order harmonics and become saturated more easily. Some amps have push-­pull transformers biased in Class A/B for a bigger, more open, and crunchier distortion. The Class A/Class AB switch lets you have the both of those options. Some amps have a bright and normal inputs. The Bright/Normal switch lets you have both of those options as well.
     Pair all these features with a completely independent MOSFET boost and you’ve got what we consider to be one of the finest overdrive pedals you’ll ever experience.

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