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  1. Jellyfish Pedal Blinding Voip Booster

    Jellyfish Pedal Blinding Voip Booster



    Oh God, LOOK OUT! The Blinding VOIP is a boost pedal with a ludicrous amount of volume on tap. It will send a flying jump kick straight in to the heart of your amp. But wait! There's More! The VOIP has a responsive tone control to raise the beefy low end or the searing high end, plus a MIDS control to scoop or boost the middle frequencies. This flexibility makes the Blinding VOIP killer for solos or any section where you need to cut through the mix. 

    Of course this pedal is true-bypass and accepts a typical -9v power adapter. High quality automotive gloss clear coat over a nice hand-painted exterior. The innards are hand wired and soldered with love. 

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  2. Amptweaker Pedal Curve Ball (Booster)

    Amptweaker Pedal Curve Ball (Booster)

      • Works great with guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, or other instruments!
      • Low, Mid High active EQ, flat when straight up
      • Fat/Normal/Tight switch to adjust the guitar’s attack.
      • US/UK/Thrash Mid switch sets the mid frequency to standard passive EQ spots
      • Crank the Mid for parked Wah sounds
      • Volume control to cut or boost level
      • Press & Hold footswitch to access extra Boost knob
      • Internal switch sets Boost to Gain or Volume boost
      • True Bypass switching
      • Runs on 9V to 18V batteries or supplies–9V sounds heavier, more compression, while 18V is more open and less distorted.
      • Thumbscrew removable bottom with holes for tie-wrap or screw-in pedalboard attachment methods
      • Current:  20mA at 9V, 21mA at 18V
      • DC Adapter jack, standard 2.1mm X 5.5mm, center ground(-)
      • Weight: 9 ounces, Dimensions: 2.7″W X 4.65″D X 2″H
      • Made in the USA
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  3. Amptweaker Pedal Depth Finder (Booster)

    Amptweaker Pedal Depth Finder (Booster)

    • 2 Band active Boost-only EQ
    • Resonance and Presence controls simulate power amp damping EQ
    • Inside gain boost trimpot
    • Can be used in amp effects loop or pedalboard
    • Current:  4mA with 9V or 18V supply
    • Weight: 6 ounces, Dimensions: 3.7″W X 1.5″D X 2″H
    • Handmade in the USA
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  4. Dawner Prince Pedal Red Rox

    Dawner Prince Pedal Red Rox


    Red Rox is a «hot rod» in distortion pedals - souped up for more power!

    It can deliver anything from pure clean tones all the way to a grease- melting distortion.

    MASTER controls the output volume level. You can adjust Red Rox to the same volume as your bypass signal (unity gain) or volume it up for a whole lot fatter tone - there is plenty volume on tap!

    CONTOUR controls the frequency emphasis overall. In the middle position is balanced presentation of the overall frequencies; clockwise it becomes midrange-pronounced and counterclockwise it becomes midrange scooped.

    TONE controls the frequency emphasis on the highs coming out of distortion section. Top end frequencies can be easily ajdusted to your own taste.

    PREAMP controls the amount of distortion in the signal. On minimum setting Red Rox acts as an ultra clean booster. Cranking it up will take your guitar sound all the way to a full, fat and thick distortion - there is a great deal of flexibility.


    Red Rox distortion is fully professionally designed and handmade with audiophile quality components and true bypass switching system incorporated - a pedal built to last.

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  5. Seymour Duncan Pedal New Pickup Booster

    Seymour Duncan Pedal New Pickup Booster


    The Pickup Booster is designed to boost your signal without altering the character of your guitar, while also hiding a few tone-shaping tricks up its sleeve.

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